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To revolutionize the electric bike experience by providing a thrilling high-performance motorcycle inspired Dual Sport bike that is versatile for on-road and off-road adventures for a best value price without sacrificing performance, quality and customer service opening the door to a broader market for all to enjoy!

Sourcing is a critical aspect of our mission.  We carefully select and curate electric bikes known for their reliability, high performance, and competitive pricing.  We prioritize sourcing from trusted manufacturers who share our commitment to excellence and ensure that our customers receive high performance bikes for on-road and off-road terrain.  We are committed to  continuously evaluating the product and improving the quality and riding experience.  

We pride ourselves on our commitment to operating extremely lean with very low overhead cost so we can pass on the cost-savings to our customers through pricing.

Outstanding customer service is at the core of our company’s values.  We believe in going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations.  Our dedicated team is passionate about providing exceptional service.  We are here for you to guide you through the buying process, answering any questions you might have through delivery to prompt after-sales support for your warranty and service needs.  We strive to build lasting relationships with our customers, fostering trust and loyalty.