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Can I test-ride a bike?

Yes, you can test drive a bike in Laguna Niguel, CA by appointment.  Click on Demo Ride

Does GHOSTCAT sell replacement parts?

We sell replacement parts to ensure you can keep riding and provide bike repair service to Orange County.  

Are GHOSTCAT bikes street legal?

The GHOSTCAT 750W is delivered programmed with a max speed of 20mph and the 1500W is delivered programmed with a max speed of 20mph and the motor is limited to 750W to meet class 2 e-bike regulations. The bikes can be programmed to different e-bike classifications depending on local, state and federal electric bike regulations.  Changing the factory set speed of 20mph will change the e-bike classification.   Please verify local, state and federal electric bike regulations to determine appropriate classification before purchase.  GhostCat LLC is not responsible for determining e-bike classifications.

How fast is GHOSTCAT?

  • GHOSTCAT 1500W off-rode mode has a maximum speed of 35mph+

Bikes are delivered factory programmed for 20mph max speed.  Changing the factory set speed of 20 mph changes legal classifications of the bike and is at the rider’s own risk and is not advised by GhostCat LLC.  Unlocking the bike to off-road mode for max speed should only be done on private roads and never on public roads or bike trails.  Driving at high speed is dangerous and puts excess stress and wear on bike components.

Does GHOSTCAT have pedals?

Yes, the bike has pedals and includes a 7 gear Shimano shifting system with a thumb shifter.

What is the range of miles for GHOSTCAT?

GHOSTCAT comes with a 52V/20ah battery, which can get you 52 miles of range with an average speed of 20mph full throttle.  The range of miles can vary depending on speed, pedal assistance, rider weight, motor size and terrain.  

Do I have to assemble GHOSTCAT?

The bikes are shipped 85% assembled and require minor assembly. 

Does GHOSTCAT offer a warranty?

Yes, we stand behind our product and offer a one-year warranty on all major non-wear components.

Do I need to worry about the quality of GHOSTCAT?

We are obsessed with quality and ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.  We do everything possible to keep our customers riding if any issues arise.  We are committed to rapid customer service to identify and fix your quality or repair issues.  Our customer service team is located in the US.

Can I return my GHOSTCAT?

Yes, you can return per the return policy.

Is the battery safe?

Yes the battery is safe.  The battery is a 52v/20ah lithium made with 21700 cells and has been Un38.3 certified for safety.  We are also in the process of getting UL certified.